Our Shared Ministry of Welcome and Connection – An Update from the Membership Team

“Welcome to our church!  What brings you here?  Let us help you get connected!”

If you’ve ever stopped by, wandered past – or perhaps volunteered at – the Visitors’ Kiosk, you’ve probably heard those words or variations on the theme.  They are what our Membership Team has focused on this year – welcoming visitors and helping them find their way into our church.

Under our beautiful new “Welcome” sign at the Kiosk repositioned to make sure our smiling faces are the first thing newcomers might find when they come in our front door, we seek to share our 4 Ways to Connect – Intro Sundays, Explorations Small Group Ministry, Path to Membership classes, and Connections Dinner. 

Our Team sponsors these offerings throughout the year so there’s always an upcoming  way “in”  regardless of when newcomers find us.  We plan our programs to promote our 5 Practices of Meaningful Membership: Gather for Worship, Grow in Spirit, Serve in Partnership, Give in Gratitude and Connect in Community. 

Our work is fueled with a passion for warmly welcoming fellow seekers to our liberal faith.  We are excited to be launching our new Radical Welcome Team this summer.  With those folks focusing on “the front door” and with expanded professional staff hours through an experimental shared position with the Unitarian Universalist Church in Greeley, the Membership Team will be broadening its focus.  We dream of finding better ways to identify new and existing members’ gifts and passions to connect all of us with new opportunities to serve,  grow and strengthen our church community.

Does this sound like exciting work?  If so, please join us!  To get involved, contact Kathryn Boyle at kathryn@foothillsuu.org or 493-5906.

Membership Team:  Kay Williams; Karen Harder; Mary Rundquist; Jack Zak; Ann Molison; Kathryn Boyle, Staff Support; Rev. Gretchen Haley, Associate Minister


Our Caring Community – Guest Post by Rebecca Williamson

“Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.” – Scott Adams

Small acts of kindness – that is the mission of the Caring Team at Foothills. We, with the helpand support of each of you, strive to support Church members and friends in times of need. Some of the small acts of kindness the Caring Team coordinates or provides on a short term basis are:

  • Meals for members and friends of the Church in time of serious illness, death, or other family crisis
  • Rides to Church services or other Church functions
  • Provide and serve simple refreshments when requested following memorial services held at the church

We also coordinate, provide or participate in:

  • the Caring Card Table between services, sending cards to members and friends in recognition and support of important life events
  • a Share the Care team when a family requests the significant resources that team provides
  • sponsorship of Powerful Tools for Caregivers trainings and groups
  • the Parish Visitor program
  • the promotion of the Caring Stars program during the holidays
  • other events/activities that promote community and support within the Church

None of these activities can be carried out without your kindness and willingness to help fellow Church members. A special thanks goes to each of you who have so often contributed your time, talent, and resources to benefit Church members and friends in time of need.

If you know of a Church member or friend who is in need, please use the caring@foothillsuu.org address and it will be routed to the caring person on-call.  You can also call the office directly.

Would you like to join our Caring Team? We’d love to have you! Our next meeting will be May 21at 7:00 pm in the RE building – please express your interest to Rebecca Williamson at rwilliamson147@yahoo.com.