September SHARE the PLATE – Turning Point

The September Share the Plate at Foothills Unitarian Church collected $2,164.59 for Turning Point, a mental health and substance abuse treatment center for children and families.

“At Turning Point, we turn lives around for youth who are struggling with behavior, mental health, or substance abuse issues. We offer the broadest range of programs from outpatient services to intensive residential treatment through our Northern Colorado centers, offering help and hope for youth and their families.

Turning Point’s therapeutic services range from individual and family therapy sessions to round-the-clock care in one of our residential treatment facilities. We have developed and fine-tuned our programs over the course of more than 40 years to better suit at-risk and troubled youth in our community”

Turning Point

Turning Point is grateful to receive our financial support, and there is more need. There are gaps in the services people need for inpatient behavioral health treatment or treatment for alcohol/drug abuse.

One way to change this is to support the November Ballot Issue 1A. This measure will build, fund and support a mental health/substance abuse/detox facility to address this significant need. A small sales tax (25 cents for every $100 you spend) will pay for this needed health care facility. Your vote is needed to make this a reality.

We supported Turning Point with our dollars, and we can continue out support with our vote. Ballots will be mailed on October 15th. Watch you mail and vote for Ballot Issue 1A for increased mental health services in Larimer County.

Ready for action now? Turning Point also accepts volunteer support. You can:

  • Help at an event
  • Organize a group to help with Turning Point building and grounds maintenance
  • Provide administrative assistance in our office
  • Work with youth in our classrooms or in daily living experiences

“Turning Point has volunteers who come to help for a day and volunteers who work regularly for years. Any time you can spend will make a difference.”


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