The Annual Foothills Auction is coming! 

It’s a Mask-UU-rade! It promises to be magical and mesmerizing.  It’s Saturday, November 10th, and will be here before we know it.  We’re trying something new this year – because social events are so popular and fun, and because our space is currently at such a premium, our goal is to offer many more experiences and services than things.

Ask anyone who has attended auction events, and we bet they’ll tell you they had a great time.  Listen to this!  “My wife and I were new in Fort Collins and at Foothills, so we thought: Let’s buy ourselves a social life at the church auction! That’s how we ended up careening from a duck-observation walk, to a snowshoeing adventure in Rocky Mountain National Park, to a five-course Cornish game-hen dinner, to a proper English tea party, to a . . .  and the best thing of all:  We made a whole bunch of wonderful new friends. It’s the best investment we ever made! We’ll be bidding up a storm at this year’s auction as well!”

Donation forms are available on Sunday mornings at the Auction Table in the Social Hall.  We can help with questions and donation ideas – and if you want to share donating an event or activity with someone else (twice the fun!), talk to Peg or Ticie, our Event Brokers Extraordinaire!  We’ll also need lots of volunteers to pull this thing off – check with us at the table.  Auction tickets go on sale Sunday or buy online.  $20, which includes dinner and $10 in “Auction Bucks” to help you start bidding. Come join in the fun! Your Fabulous Foothills Auction Team: Peg MacMorris, Faye McDonald, Julie Pass, Ticie Rhodes, Mary Rundquist, and Kay Williams.

snowshoe hike

Cheryl’s Snowshoe Hike

P.S. – And join us for our Mask-Making Event on Saturday, November 3rd,
from 10:00-12:00, so you can decorate your mask!


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