Be Careful What You Ask For…

by Jane Everham

It was 1994 when, as President of the Board of Trustees, the congregation began the visioning process that resulted in our (then) expanded sanctuary and RE building. We had grown by leaps and bounds, and we had run out of room. Sound familiar?

I attended visioning sessions similar to what the Board is now offering in the coming days. In 1994, I knew clearly the vision I wanted. I wanted Foothills Unitarian Church to be a busy, bustling hub of activity. When I drove by the church I wanted to see cars in the parking lot and lights on in both buildings. I wanted too many choices to be able to participate in it all.

Last night I arrived at church at 6:10 pm and the upper parking lot was almost full. Lights were on in both buildings. The RE Building was “a bustle” and I had had to choose one activity from many. The room I had reserved for Wellspring Sources was occupied. Grrr, I started to say out loud and then stopped – this was my vision come to fruition!

So be careful what you ask for became my mantra as I drove to this 2018 Visioning Session today. Actually, the current headlines have left me feeling empty – lacking creativity or vision. What would I have to add to the discussion? Besides, I’m satisfied – my vision of 24 years ago is here.

Except for we’ve run out of room again. And I once again experienced that a room full of UUs is the perfect place to get “filled up.” I surprised myself with how quickly I discovered that I still had more dreams for my church. The excellent structure and facilitation of this Visioning Session also contributed to a very satisfying and hopeful experience of looking into the future for our congregation.

If you haven’t yet signed up for a visioning session, run don’t walk, to your phone or computer and sign-up now. Your future at Foothills depends on you.


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