The Foothills History Project – Who, What, When?

history projectI had the honor of doing the Chalice Lighting on September 9, where I shared how I came to view the life of our church as similar to the life of a loved one. To appreciate the full meaning, those stories must be viewed in their full context, and not by any limited period in time.  Keeping that in mind, I hope this fledgling project will accomplish that.

Who? In response to a brief article in The Communicator last spring, several other history lovers came forward.  Our team (so far) consists of myself, Bob Bacon, Jennifer Crane, Bill Miles, and Lynn Young. We purposefully started out small but will likely add more contributors as we go.

What? People ask me what will the “finished product” look like? Initially, we thought it would be a small booklet, starting where the one written in 1995 by Art Corey left off. However, after digging through archives we knew we wanted to expand on the complete history, starting in 1898.

Before we could even begin research and writing, first the church archives needed to be reorganized, labeled, and inventoried so that we could easily find what we needed. It was quite a task that took most of the summer.

Along the way, we have met monthly for brainstorming with each other. We have interviewed over 30 of our longest time members and will continue interviewing others (Special thanks to Karen Harder for doing many of the interviews). We have consulted with archivists at the City of Fort Collins, Colorado State University History Department, and the UUA. All of that will continue. Sometimes we do get side-tracked with our memories and telling stories!

This month, we have a display in the church foyer, and have hung posters showing our foundational statements, from 1898 to the present. We will continue to share interesting bits of history as the project progresses.

But back to that first question — what will “the finished product” look like? It will be a book – a real published book, we hope. Of course the information will also be on our website, with links to articles, videos, and who knows!

When? This is a long haul project! We estimate it will take 3-4 years until we have our completed and published book. We will then be nearing the 125th Anniversary of Foothills Unitarian Church, looking back together and looking to the future as well.

If you would like more information about The Foothills History Project, contact


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