Foothills Holiday FUNdraiser Sale & Spring Booklovers Booksale: Join us for This Year’s Experiments in Fundraisers

Foothills Fall Sale Recruitment.pngThe Foothills Rummage Sale has been, for nearly three decades, legendary. Both for people within our church, and for our wider community.

However, a lot of conversation and review by volunteers and staff in the last couple of years culminated in a decision a few months ago to take a time-out from our regular Rummage Sale – at least until there is a new and bigger building.

During this time we hope to try some new experiments that will engage some new energy and leadership, feel like less work, and not run into the same space constrains we’ve run into in the past.  We also hope to place the sense of fun and community-building that so many appreciated about the Rummage Sale at the heart of these experiments.

The first of these experiments will be October 20th when we hold a Holiday FUNdraiser.  We’ll focus on selling holiday items (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukah, New Year’s), as well as asking for any second-hand costumes (or good gear for potential costumes).  We’ll be holding a costume-making workshop, as well as a photo booth.  We’d love to see people get their costumes at the sale and wear them to Pumpkin Carving the next week!

We’re looking for a team to help make this fun event happen…..

  • Idea generators to flesh out the concept
  • Planning & organizing types to work out the details
  • Leaders willing to take a part of the idea and run with it
  • Worker bees To sort, organize, cashier, and support (We’ll be collecting items the Sunday before, and be done within a week – so the time commitment for this part is pretty low – but so important!!)

If you’re interested, please email Diane Banta at

And, start to collect all your holiday items as well as your costume-worthy clothes! We’ll be collecting them from October 14 – 19th.

The second experiment we have in mind is for March or April, when we’re planning a Booklovers Booksale.  We’ll fill the hall with all our books we want to share, and there will be a story-time for kids – and adults! As in, we’ll invite you to share in story-hour type formats your favorite books around particular topics. If there are multiple copies of a book, we’ll lift them up as a possible book club.  We are just beginning to form the leadership team for this (we haven’t even officially set a date) so please let me know ( if this sounds like fun to you and we’ll get rolling!  But in the meantime, be sure to save your books for drop off around February.

One thing not changing this year….we are still on for our regular Auction! Save the date for November 10th! 

All of these fundraisers are both great ways to build community, and support all that we do together – all the services and programs and groups and ways we impact the community.

It was strange not to have the Rummage Sale this year! But I’m excited for some of these experiments during this transitional time. I hope you’ll all join in the fun so we can learn and grow together, all while supporting the important work that we do together at Foothills.


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