June Share the Plate: Disabled Resource Services

by Jane Everham, Foothills Blogger

In June it was our privilege to share our Sunday offerings with an organization that has been around for forty years, quietly assisting citizens in need. Have you ever had a broken limb, rotator cuff surgery, or experienced a depressive episode? Then you have an inkling of what it is like to be disabled, albeit temporarily. When disability is life-long it requires major, long-term adaptions to live an independent  life. That is where Disabled Resource Services comes in. From their website:

Disabled Resource Services (DRS) is a non-profit agency serving Larimer and Jackson Counties. We focus on assisting people of any age and any disability: physical, visual, auditory, cognitive, or mental/emotional. Through our Access to Independence program, our staff works to alleviate the stressful conditions in which individuals live. The result: People lead more productive and self-directed lives with increased dignity, quality of life and independence at home and in society.

Through the philosophy of consumer control, we empower individuals with disabilities to achieve self-determined goals that result in attaining their maximum level of independence at home and in the community.

We assist people with all types of disability(s), all ages, and all income levels. Our services are free except for our medical equipment rental program.

To learn more about Disabled Resource Services, visit their website.

Foothills congregation generously donated $1,850.33 to this worthy organization. Our first UU Principle is “To honor the inherent worth and dignity of every person.” And Disabled Resource Services is our partner in enacting this Principle. They gratefully received our contribution and DRS’s Development Director, Dave Swinehart, reported, “We were thrilled to be chosen by Foothills. We plan to use this financial gift in two ways.”

  1. Assistive Technology for the deaf and hard of hearing. This would include providing Alert Systems that convert sound into vibration and light such as a flashing smoke/ carbon monoxide detector, doorbell and telephone.  Such a system can also allow the signal to be seen in rooms in which the device is not located such as the doorbell flashing in the bedroom. Another example would be an alarm clock with an under the pillow vibration pad.
  2. Special Needs Fund. This fund recognizes that most people receiving services from DRS live  in poverty and don’t have the savings or resources to cover sudden emergency costs – a cost that can create a  financial crisis for a disabled individual and family. DRS uses this fund to provide needed financial assistance. Funds have prevented utility shutoffs and evictions and paid for IDs and birth certificates that are required to apply for assistance. Funds have also paid for prescriptions, gas and food.

Of special note, Jenny Miller, Foothills UU member, works with this program at DRS. Thank you, Jenny and thank you Foothills for your generosity to Disabled Resource Services.


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