Governance Update [April 28th, 2017]

[The following email was sent to all members of Foothills Unitarian Church on 4/28/17]

Dear Foothills Members,

As the school year comes to a close, so does the church year. On Sunday, June 4 at 11:00 a.m. we will hold our official annual congregational meeting. Please save the date! All members will be asked to attend to vote on elected offices as well as bylaws changes and the annual budget.
Lay leaders – who are all volunteers/members of the congregation – and Foothills staff have been hard at work preparing for the annual meeting.
To help members prepare, a packet will be sent out around May 18th by email (paper copies available by request) that will contain the important information you need to know before voting.
At our Annual Meeting, in addition to the elections and votes mentioned above, we will be thanking our outgoing officers, hearing about the results of our stewardship campaign, and officially moving forward on our Governance trial year.
Because this is a lot to pack into a single meeting, and because we have over 600 members, we’d love to be in conversation with you before the meeting to hear your feedback and to help you learn about these various facets of our congregational life.  As a result, below you’ll find mini-updates on each of these areas, as well as notices of meetings where you can discuss these topics more fully with their respective leaders.

Update on Governance and our Trial Year, from the Governance Task Force

Since the Governance Task Force formed about 18 months ago, we have received support and encouragement from members and staff throughout the church through congregational meetings, informational discussions, book discussion groups, and electronic communications conducted over the last twelve months.
We are planning to conduct a trial year using our new governance structure, and will need to slightly amend our bylaws to enable that trial.  You can find the information about the key changes we are proposing here.  We are excited to be making these changes!  It is long overdue for a growing church like ours.  We have been doing some of these things for several years, formally and informally.  This process has taken the best of what we learned through practice, research, and deliberation, to outline a foundation for the future.
To see the proposed bylaw changes, supporting concurrent resolution, policy examples, and glossary, visit us in the social hall between services on April 30, May 7, and May 14.  You will also have a final opportunity to dig into the details and ask questions on May 21, between services, during a Governance Review meeting.

Nominations & Elections – from the Nominating Committee 

At our meeting, we will be electing two new board members and a president-elect. This will leave us with a seven-member board for the coming year (assuming that our Governance trial year receives congregational support).  The three current members of the Nominating Committee will continue on for the next year as their terms are not yet concluded.  As our Governance trial requires a three person Nominating Committee, we will not need to elect additional members this year.
As required by the bylaws, we will be proposing a slate of nominees to be elected by the congregation at the Annual Meeting. You will receive information about these candidates in the packet sent out to all members on 5/18. Read more about what we’re up to and how to become a leader at Foothills here.

Budgeting Update – from the Treasurer and Finance Committee Chair 

Every year, the church prepares a budget in the spring for the church year starting on July 1, projecting monthly income and spending 15 months in advance. Our budgets are balanced, so we spend only what we earn.  Nearly all of our income is from the pledges of financial commitment made by members and friends of our community (be sure to check out our Stewardship Update here).
A presentation to introduce and discuss details of the budget will be held on May 7 at 10:40 am. Highlights of this budget and spending plan can be found here.  Please plan to attend the presentation to inform your vote as the budget presentation at the Annual Meeting will be abridged.
We look forward to talking more about all of these things and more with you, and moving our congregation forward as we continue to unleash courageous love!  So, please, mark your calendars (Budget presentation May 7th; Governance Social Hall Presence April 30th, May 7th and May 14th; Governance Review Meeting May 21st; Congregational Meeting June 4th) and watch your email around May 18th for the packet.
We look forward to seeing you soon!
In partnership,
Erin Hottenstein, Board President

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