Big CHANGE IS HAPPENING! Does it matter? Are you on board?

The Governance Task Force has been charged by your Board of Trustees to propose a new governance structure.  The goal is to allow the Board to spend less time on day to day operations and more time on longer-term matters.

So what is wrong with the way we have been operating?  It is not that we have been governing in the wrong way.  The better question might be: Are there other ways we could be governing that would allow us to more effectively and successfully organize our efforts towards our shared mission and vision?
The Governance Task Force, after a couple of years of research, is proposing a number of changes to accomplish these goals.  The proposed changes are based on the concept of policy-based governance that is being used in many large churches.
What is governance?  Governance determines who is authorized and has the responsibility to make decisions, how people make their voice heard and who is accountable for what.

Operations are different from governance in that operations refers to the day-to-day management of the church.  As has been common with many small churches, our Board has been directly involved in both governance and operations.
While our organizational structure served us well for many years, our church is evolving.  We are a dynamic church and growing rapidly in many different areas.  Now it is important to experiment with a different governance system.  We will be proposing a test year to experiment with a new governance model.  However, one thing will not change – that is the Board remains responsible and accountable to the congregation and will continue to be the governing body for our church.
There is much more we want to share with you.  Keep in touch with future issues of the Extra, come to the GTF table in the social hall on Sunday, follow the leadership blog and attend our information sharing meeting in May.  We want your input.  We want your support.  We want your vote for approval at our Congregational meeting on June 4th. Have questions or want to share a thought? Email us at
Your GTF, Jody Anderson (chair), Elizabeth Stanley, Brian Woodruff, Tom Inscho, Ed Beers, Gretchen Haley (ex- officio member)

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