No Buyer’s Remorse Here

From Stewardship Team member Peg MacMorris

We are now in the middle of our Stewardship Campaign – Answering the Call of Love. I am Peg MacMorris, part of the Stewardship Team, and I want to tell you some of my story.

Have you ever made a sizable purchase and then thought, “ OMG, what have I done? Can I really afford that?” This “Buyer’s Remorse” is surely a common reaction to a big expenditure.

I want to say here that I never experience Buyers Remorse in response to my church financial commitment.

Why? I think it is because I want to support all of the good things the church is doing (all the social justice programs, the choir, the RE program, outreach and caring, as well as Sunday services) and I can’t imagine that any other use of the money would bring me more sense of fulfillment and gratitude for being a part of such an endeavor.

When I first joined a UU Church in 1986-87, I remember that although no one asked me to pledge, I took my income tax refund that year and sent it to the church. I was a single Mom at the time and not very flush with money, but I knew that the “bonus of several hundred dollars” I had just received would be well spent in supporting church programs. I appreciated what the church provided me and my young children in terms of grounding and support in a new community.

Over the years, my participation in church programs has grown and has included significant positions of service and leadership in each of my church communities. (Foothills Unitarian is my third UU church.) I know more about the programs at the church, about church finances and what the dollars that I contribute can do to help those programs. I am so grateful to be part of a church that stands up for justice in many ways as it reaches out to help the homeless and immigrants, AND works on difficult problems like Climate Justice. I feel spiritually grounded each week by attending Sunday services led by our two amazing ministers and receiving the musical gifts of our choir and other musicians.

Now in this time at Foothills, there is tremendous need to open our doors to so many in the community who are looking for ways to connect and act for the good of our society. Our church is opening its doors widely and I love that. Last year I doubled our commitment from the previous year, and have no remorse. I am grateful that I have the resources to share with this church community and will increase again. I have learned that being generous brings me joy.

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