A Texting Church

If you are reading this you probably got our text message! (If you didn’t recieve one make sure we have you cell phone number by providing it to us here) We hope it wasn’t an unpleasant surprise. As we enhance our communication platform at Foothills, we are seeking to bring you the information you need, in the method that best suits your lifestyle.

Some of us, ready each email as it comes in on our phone. Some of us, look at email once a day, others never. You can imagine our challenge as a church community trying to communicate across all these communication preferences.

One experiment we are going to be try is using text messages.

A text message contains only 160 characters and yet they boast the highest open rate of any type of communication (email, voice mail, phone calls, postal mail). I can think of a few reasons for this:

  1. Character limit decreases information overload
  2. Our phone are rarely far away from us
  3. Texts are a more relational and conversational

At present, we won’t be able to have two-way text conversations, which means you won’t be able to respond to us via text. But you can always email us with any response you have.

Here are a few examples of times we might use a text message:

  • To share a moment of courageous love, or joy in our community.
  • If we cancel a class unexpectedly and want to inform those who have signed up
  • Reminders about important meetings, gatherings, or opportunities
  • Invitations for service and partnership
  • Inspirational messages

This may be unfamiliar territory for many of us. So here are some of our promises to you:

  • We won’t spam you with text messages. Maybe 1-2 a week, and not every week.
  • We will try out best to make them targeted to your interests and involvement.
  • Only church staff will have the ability to text our community
  • We will try to let you know who (specifically) is sending you the text
  • If you would not like to receive texts from us, just let us know, and we will do our best not to text you.

We are going to be learning along side you about this new way of connecting. Have question, concerns, excitement? Let me know. I would be more than happy to talk with you.

in partnership,

Sean Neil-Barron, Assistant Minister at Foothills


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