Welcoming New Trustees to the Board by Erin Hottenstein, President, Board of Trustees

Trustee: one to whom something is entrusted.

At Foothills Unitarian Church each year we elect trustees to the Board of Trustees. The word choice here is important. These people are our friends and neighbors. They have shared with us their enthusiasm for and dedication to our church community. They have worked side-by-side with us, helping us to build and grow and become even more the people and the place we want to be.

These people have earned our respect. Each of us in this church community, the Nominating Committee, the ministers and staff can see and feel the commitment that they bring.

And so we place our trust in them. We place our confidence in them that they will bring their best selves to the work of the church. We trust that they will continue to provide the leadership and the guidance – as trustees of this church have been doing since 1898 – that helps to create life-changing and life-giving experiences both within our walls and out in the larger world.

This year’s new trustees are no different. They have earned our respect and our confidence. In case you haven’t met the four of them, let me introduce them now and you may read their biographies below. Ed Beers is joining the Board as President-Elect, a three-year term. Sara Edwards is our new Secretary-Elect, a two-year term. Karen Johnese and April Undy are our new Members-at-Large and will serve two-year terms. I hope that you will help me warmly welcome them to their new roles and join me in entrusting them with the vital work of the church.

 Ed Beers – President Elect
Ed found Foothills immediately after relocating from Southern California and the Pasadena Neighborhood UU Church.  They moved to Fort Collins to be closer to their children and grandchildren living in Laporte and Golden.  Linda is a retired nurse and Ed retired as an Engineer and Plant Manager.  Both Linda and Ed were active in the Pasadena Church as Chalice Group Leaders.  Ed is a member of the Foothill’s Men’s Group and he and Linda  were co-chairs of the Hospitality Committee for several years. Ed most recently served as the chair of the Senior Minister Search Committee.


Sara EdwardsSara Edwards – Secretary Elect
“In addition to growing in love and friendship with the wonderful people at Foothills over the last four years, I have also participated in many rewarding activities. For four years I have been a grateful member of the choir and twice participated in Cabaret. Last year I served on the Associate Minister Advisory Committee and was part of a One Village One Family family. This year I am serving on the Assistant Minister Search Committee. In the future I look forward to continuing to share my love of singing, but also expanding into my interest in massage and penchant for note taking. In addition to many people, I love dogs and horses, travel and DIY organization projects.”


Karen JohneseKaren Johnese – Member at Large
In the three short years since becoming a member of Foothills I’ve been an active participant in Sunday hospitality, a soul circle, Slightly Senior Sisters’ lunch organizing (SSS),  and an SSS small group. I have served on the Stewardship Committee and volunteered for Faith Family Hospitality (FFH). I am now a coordinator for our FFH rotations and serve on the board of this nonprofit. I have also been teaching an ESL student through our program with La Familia.

My work world over the past fifty years has been rich in experiences that support my service to this church. With Masters Degrees in special education and social work, and short-term careers in both fields, then 11 years as a newspaper community affairs director, four years as an arts nonprofit director, and current role on a corporate board, I have come to understand nonprofits from many perspectives. I have served on numerous boards and am committed to excellent board service. My time within the Unitarian Church has been brief, but I believe my collaborative style, board experience and love for the people within this church community compensate for that short history.

My husband, Daniel and I have lived in Colorado for six years, following my son and his family here. I spend much of my time with my son’s two daughters, now 4 and 8 years old. And we lure our Pittsburgh 11 and 13 year-old grandsons here as often as possible to enjoy the natural world with us.

April Undy BOT pictureApril Undy – Member at Large
April Undy has a B.S. in Environmental Engineering and has homeschooled her children.   April has been involved with Foothills Unitarian Church for over 17 years.  She became a member of Foothills after teaching her oldest’s  pre-school and kindergarten R.E. classes, and has been happy to teach R.E. nearly every year since then.  April joined the church choir in 2006, and started Song Circle in 2008.   In 2009 she was hired as the R.E. Music Assistant at Foothills, a position she held for 2 years.  She is trained as an O.W.L. teacher for grades 7-9 and 10-12.

April is married to Steve Undy, together they have 3 children.  Their oldest just turned 18, so now they get the adventure of being parents of an adult child!

“The community of Foothills is precious.  I am happy to have a chance to give back to the church by being on the board of trustees.”

Board of Trustees 2016 – 2017

Erin Hottenstein, President
970-226-1501, stewardshipgal@gmail.com 

Ed Beers. President Elect
970-482-4566, beersca@aol.com

Scott Denning, Treasurer
970-980-1150, scott.denning@gmail.com

Michelle Venus, Secretary
970-218-7951, michelle@michellevenus.com

Sara Edwards, Secretary Elect
541-215-3978, sara.edwards.rocks@gmail.com

Brian Woodruff, At-large member

Karen Johnese, At-large member
724-612-3562, kjohnese@icloud.com

April Undy, At-large member
970-407-8788, april@roseundy.net

Gale Whitman, At-large member
970-213-0844, gale@galewhitman.com


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