Meet our newly elected committee members

EndowmChuck Fletcherent
Chuck Fletcher

While I am new to Foothills, I have been on my journey here for two decades.  I look forward to putting my talents to use within a positive, compassionate organization.

I was born in Stuttgart, Germany, to a career US Army family, and have lived in Turkey and throughout the United States.  I have a BA in History and a Master’s Degree in Operations Research (applied math).  I served 20 years in the US Air Force, during which I was involved in B-52 operations, helped build the DoD six-year budget plan, established two policy research centers, and helped write two nuclear arms reduction treaties.

After the Air Force, I established a financial advisory firm in Florida, having obtained my NASD Series 7 (General Securities) and 66 (law and regulations) certifications, various insurance licenses (life, health, variable annuity), and completed the Certified Financial Planner program.  I also wrote the endowment plan for the 1st Methodist Church of Saint Augustine.  I later joined the technical consulting firm SAIC, managing a multi-disciplinary science and engineering team assessing the operational implications to USAF forces of being attacked with chemical or biological weapons.

I moved to Fort Collins in 2014 to work for Edward Jones Advisors

Jennifer Jennifer CraneCrane
Jennifer Crane is a Colorado native who has made brief forays of up to four years to the outside world. She has lived in Fort Collins since 1980 and has been involved with Foothills since 1988. Jennifer and her husband, Scott Denning, have two ‘mostly’ grown children who both attended and were enriched by Foothills RE.  She is a plant physiologist with the USDA Agricultural Research Service working on seed longevity and preservation. Beyond her work and her family, Jennifer has a passion for prehistoric henges, menhirs, quoits, and dolmens.


Linda BeerLinda Beerss
Linda has been a member of Foothills after relocating from Los Angeles and the Pasadena Neighborhood  UU Church.  She retired as an RN and traveled  in an RV for 10 years (traveling for seven months at a time).  Linda moved to Fort Collins to be closer to her children and grandchildren living in Laporte and Golden.  She was active in the Pasadena UU Church as a Chalice Group Leader.  Here at Foothills, Linda is a founding member of the Senior Sisters, co-chaired the Hospitality Committee and the start-up picnic for three years.  She was also a member of the Interim Minister Search Committee.


Lehne Leverette 2Nominating Committee
Lehne Leverette

Lehne joined Foothills  in 2014, but she’s been coming to church and singing in the choir since 2009. She has seen it grow into a large, vibrant, and caring community. She also volunteers by being a member of the Worship Learning Community and by leading Explorations, SOUUL Circles, and, most recently, participating in a pilot small group called Spiritual Journeys. One of the most meaningful experiences she has had since joining the church is participating in MDD in Denver last year.
She loves singing, acting, making music and cooking. And the color pink. Always pink.


RRich Young 2ich Young
Rich is wrapping up a very interesting three years on the Board, and looks forward to using that experience to help the Nominating Committee develop lay leadership potential throughout the congregation.  He lives in northwest Fort Collins with his wife Lorin, his three sons Calvin, Simon and Elliott, and a lot of bicycles.




Erik MartinsonFinance
Erik Martinson – Chair
Erik is a tax advisor and owner of Taxicology, Inc. He began attending Foothills along with his wife (Stacy Lynn) and children (Aidan (11) and Talia (9)) in 2011. It was not long before he unwittingly agreed to become treasurer-elect and subsequently served as the church’s treasurer for the 2013-14 fiscal year.  Having demonstrated some facility with spreadsheets, he has occupied the chair of the finance committee ever since, waiting patiently to be unseated.



Kay Williams

Kay Williams – Co-Chair
I have been a member of Foothills for 8 years.  I have served on the Membership Team and the Auction Team, and volunteer with Faith Family Hospitality.  This year I was Stewardship Chair.  The Stewardship Team continues to nurture the culture of abundance that has been created here.  We had a busy year, and I would be pleased to continue our work, helping to support our church, in the coming year!  I have two grown sons, and I love to read.  I have a couple of other volunteer gigs outside of church, as well as my work here.   It feels good to make a difference at Foothills, because it has made such a difference to me.


Walt JonesWalt Jones – Co-Chair
Walt Jones graduated from Yale School of Drama with MFA in Directing. He has directed on Broadway, off-Broadway, and written and directed for television. He now teaches Theatre at CSU in Fort Collins. His musical, The 1940s Radio Hour opened on Broadway at the St. James Theatre in 1978 (and played Jimmy Carter’s White House Christmas Party in that year). He has always loved swimming, performing magic and entertaining kids. He founded the very popular summer theatre camp Kids Do It All in California in 1991 which is in its fifth very successful summer at CSU and its third in Todos Santos, Mexico (where the camp is bi-cultural and bi-lingual). He is married to Amy Scholl, the funniest person he’s ever met, and has three daughters: Gilliam, Lulu, and Annie (9); so, unfortunately, he has no plans to retire any time soon….


CommitteeGlenn Pearson and Denise Rogers on Ministry
Glenn Pearson – Chair
Glenn has been a Unitarian all his life,  but has only been conscious of it since he and Denise brought their children to Foothills in 2004.  He has volunteered in many areas of the church, and is active with the Brotherhood. Glenn is a worker bee at Poudre Valley Hospital,  is almost an empty nester,  and LOVES Foothills.




Margie WMargie Wagner croppedagner – I grew up in the old Congregational Unitarian Church in Fort Collins.  My husband, Bruce, and I started attending Foothills Unitarian when our children were little.  I had the good fortune to attend Russell Lockwood Leadership School in the 1990s and subsequently served as Chair of the RE Committee and then chaired the effort to design a lifespan RE program.  I served as President of the Board of Trustees in 2000 and served on the Personnel Committee from 2010-2014.  I sing with the Foothills Madrigal Singers and have sung in the choir in the past.  In my professional life, I am the Director of the Center for Adult Learning at FRCC.  I have taught ESL, GED preparation, and basic reading to adults.  I love to teach and I like working with small groups of people.  I’m looking forward to getting involved in church work again.



Anne HAnne Hall FF christmasall
I have been a member of Foothills Unitarian Church since 2004.  During that time I have served in many ways including as president of the Board of Trustees in 2010-2011.  I have also been on the Finance Committee and served as a member of the Committee on Ministry.  I am currently a member of a small group that is part of the Slightly Senior Sisters. I also have been busy these last few years helping coordinate the Adult ESL Tutoring program at the Family Center.  I think my long-term involvement in the church will be an asset to the newly formed Committee on Ministry.



Sue SullivSue Sullivanan
When we moved to Colorado 8 1/2 years ago, Foothills Unitarian was a primary reason we chose to live in Fort Collins, instead of closer to Steve’s work. We joined our first Unitarian Church in Riverside, CA, when our daughter was born in 1999 and helped found a UU Fellowship in Temecula, CA in 2006. At Foothills, I taught in the RE program for several years when my children were young. We greatly value the vibrant, progressive religious community that is Unitarian Universalism.

My career path evolved from daily newspaper reporting to university media relations to parenting and massage therapy. My spiritual path has been largely informed by Buddhism and self-realization inquiry. As a homeschooler, suburban homesteader and aspiring creative, I’m an outside-the-box thinker and have strong communication and people skills to offer. I look forward to serving my Foothills community more deeply again.


Sally Harris


Sally Harris
I am a third-generation Unitarian Universalist and I was raised here at the Foothills Unitarian Church.  I attended various UU churches during my time at college, in law school, and living in Chicago.  I am a dedicated UU who is passionate about helping other people.  While I am a licensed attorney, I love staying at home with our four-year-old son, Oscar.  My hobbies include going hiking and camping, playing foosball, and watching Alex (my husband) perform improv comedy


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