Climate Justice Month – What next?

We have just finished Climate Justice Month at Foothills, with a kickoff event, films, book discussions, a Friday evening service, an Earth Sunday intergenerational service, a bike-to-church breakfast, a wrap-up discussion and pledges of action.  We can’t say exactly how many folks’ lives were impacted, but we collected 66 action commitments and handed out nearly 50 Lose-a-Watt kits from the city.  Was it enough?  Did you notice?  What will we do next to engage our church in Climate Justice?

Perhaps now is the time to begin working to become a certified Green Sanctuary congregation.

What is a Green Sanctuary?  This UUA program provides a path for congregational study, reflection, and action in response to environmental challenges.   Several steps are involved, starting with establishing a team representing various aspects of church life.  The team assesses current church programs and practices in four areas –

  • environmental justice
  • worship and celebration
  • religious education (for children and adults)
  • sustainable living

(Note – this is not just about the building.)  For more information see:

Once the assessment is complete, the team proposes an action plan with 12 projects in the four areas and the real work begins that involves the whole congregation.

Congregations that complete the program are accredited as Green Sanctuaries in recognition of their service and dedication to the Earth.  It is a program that changes a church’s realization of its role in climate justice, an important step that we could decide to take.  Are we ready?  Is it time?

To learn more about this program, see website above or contact Peg MacMorris ( with your questions.


In partnership,

The Foothills Climate Justice Team


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