Climate Justice Month is Almost Here! from Misti Sharp and your Climate Justice Team

climate justice month 2Climate change and climate action have become familiar phrases to most of us. We believe that man-made alterations in our world are influencing the climate and that action on our parts are required. Here at Foothills, we have a Climate Justice Ministry and are planning a time of commitment for our members via a “Climate Justice Month.” Many of you may be wondering, “What is climate justice?” In general, it is at the intersections between all of the struggles for justice (racism, sexism, ageism and more!) and how to create a world that accounts for the needs of all people. It affirms that those with the least power should not bear the biggest burdens of climate change and that we must take a moral stand and develop solutions that recognize our interconnectedness. For more information, visit this wonderful site and sign up for daily emails regarding all of the injustices related to climate change.

In order to bring about awareness and a time of intentional reflection regarding our interconnectedness, Climate Justice Month, from World Water Day (March 22nd) through Earth Day (April 22nd), is an opportunity for UU’s and other people of faith and conscience to collectively commit to climate action. This commitment can take many forms. One thing we are asking each congregant to do is to commit to making a change in our own households habits for use of water and energy, recognizing how this impacts the interconnected web. This commitment should reflect an impulse from each church member to do something more than what they would typically do. Some options we are suggesting for church members:

  • Abstain (or significantly cut back) from consumption of red meat
  • Take 5 minute showers or less and/or reduce water use on lawns
  • Biking or walking when possible instead of driving a car
  • Reduce trash within the household by recycling, composting AND reducing
  • Take the sustainability challenge with the Lose-A-Watt app (instructions coming!)
  • Can you think of others?

If you are interested in becoming even more engaged, please join us for our Climate Justice kick-off workshop on Sunday, March 20th from 12:30-2, featuring: 

  • A delicious vegetarian lunch
  • Meaningful religious context with music to set our tone
  • Followed by Heidi Wagner from the City of Fort Collins challenging residents to “lose-a-watt” and make other in-house adjustments to reduce energy use in homes and raise awareness around energy efficiency.
  • Opportunities for children to reflect on their commitments to the earth
  • Please RSVP so we can provide enough food and energy kits for everyone!

We have additional opportunities for you to reflect on the problems posed by climate change over the course of the month. Check out the following opportunities for group-oriented reflection:

  • Tuesday, April 5th at 6:30: discussion of The Green Boat by Mary Pipher (books are available for check-out in the church office).
  • Friday, April 8th at 6:30: Film Showing: “Climate Refugees” followed by a discussion.
  • Sunday, April 10th at 12:30: discussion of This Spaceship Earth by David Houle and Tim Rumage.
  • Friday, April 15th at 6:30: “Grief and Praise: An Embodied, Expressive Music-Packed Down-to-Earth Gathering for All” led by Christopher Watkins and Young Adults.
  • Tuesday, April 19th at 6:30: Film Showing: “Bidder 70” followed by a discussion.
  • Sunday, April 24th at 8:00 am: bike or carpool to church early in order to have a free breakfast followed by a reflection on our individual and group impact.

We really hope you can join us for some (or all!) of these events. Please let Misti Sharp ( know if you would like to help organize any of these events or if you want to be involved in future planning efforts by the climate justice ministry. Our mission is to empower the congregation to live sustainably and to give voice to our values in the political process.


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