Our Membership Ministry from Diana McLean, Ministerial Resident

Diana K. McLeanOver the last few months, I’ve spoken with quite a few people who have been connected with Foothills in a variety of ways, but hadn’t officially become members. The purpose of my conversations wasn’t specifically to get them to join, but to find out how  connected they feel to the church, help them find ways to deepen that connection if they were needing that, to answer questions they might have, and to invite them to small group membership conversations with Gretchen. A number of those people did then join the church, and others have found ways to connect—either through the offerings that are part of our 4 Ways To Connect program or through other classes and groups at the church.

I’m beginning to also talk with fairly recent members, to find out if they are feeling enough connection to the church. For those who would like more (or deeper) connections, I’m helping them to find the best ways to connect that suit their interests and schedules.

Along the way, I’m really enjoying getting to know more of you in more depth! I want to explicitly invite anyone—member or non-member, new to Foothills or have been here for decades—to get in touch with me if you’d like a conversation with me about membership or just to get to know each other better!

Another exciting development in the membership area is that our Membership ministry has expanded from one team into three Learning Communities: Hospitality (facilitated by Howell), Connections (by Gretchen), and Covenantal (by me), each focused on a different stage of becoming deeply connected with the church.  All three learning communities would welcome new members, if this is a place where your interests meet the church’s needs! The Connections and Covenantal groups are looking for new members, and Hospitality would both appreciate new members as well as those who may not want to be on the team but would be interested in serving on Sunday mornings.  No expertise is required–sign up for a Sunday (or more!) and we will train you. It’s an easy way to connect with and give back to this beloved community. You can sign up for Sunday hospitality by calling the office, or here: http://foothillsuu.org/volunteer/


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