What does it mean to be a people of Desire? by Jennifer Hawk Powell, President, Board of Trustees

I love the month of February. Maybe it’s because it is a short month, or that there is a national holiday in it, or because it is also my birthday month?
Or, maybe I love Jenn PowellFebruary because it typically is the last full month of winter?

One thing I know for sure is I am really attracted to the theme for this month at Foothills. Desire. The theme work we have been doing at Foothills has affected me personally causing me to look deeper at myself and how I am living my life.  The theme work has also provided helpful insight to those of us in leadership at the church. I look forward to the good and important work the Board will be doing during this month’s theme of Desire, as we accomplished quite a bit inside the month of Resistance/January.

Last month the board held our second Informational Forum for the congregation to hear what we and the church at large is up to. The Rev. Howell Lind and I met with a group of past board presidents and treasurers to share what is happening in the church, as well as to hear their perspective of how we are doing.  We heard positive feedback and appreciation, as well as requests that echoed many of your voices. Some of these requests were: the desire and need for a third service, the desire of making our Music Director Ryan Marvel full time, and the desire of having more financial details available on our website. We heard that asking different groups within the congregation to assist with Sunday morning hospitality was a good thing, and that it was providing a way for many of you to give back to the church. We have learned that the new format of putting church news and dates on a separate piece of paper handed out with the order of service is working well for many of you to take home and put important dates on your calendars. We heard that we, the board, have been doing a better job communicating and listening to you.

In January, our Governance Task Force that is made up of members of the congregation as well as board members: Bruce Wagner, Brian Woodruff, Elizabeth Stanley, Jody Anderson, Tom Inscho, and Rev. Howell Lind began their extensive work to research, create and suggest good, healthy governance practices and possible policies for Foothills to adopt. This process has just begun and will last about 2 years.

Also our Board Mission Task Force met with many of you between services the entire month of January discussing what Foothills will create as a new memorable and representative mission for our church. The board is grateful to all who participated in those discussions, and now the Mission Task Force will get to work this month taking all the ideas shared and write a first draft our new Mission.

What perfect timing then to now transition into a month focusing on Desire. What does it mean to be a people of desire? As we work on creating our mission, I see clarity coming from the context of desire.

What are Foothills’ desires, what are yours? What is the desire of those who visit us? Of those yet to come? What have we been afraid to desire? Where have we been playing it safe and kept our deep hungers away? What have we been avoiding pursuing due to fear? The desire we have for a better world, the hunger for a deep connection. The longing to actualize our full potential.

Woah. Desire is powerful. And so are we.


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