What’s Our Mission? Let’s Keep Talking

This Sunday, January 31st our meeting will be in the Triple RE.

This Sunday, January 31st our meeting will be in the Triple RE.

It’s not too late to join the important conversations happening this month about Foothills Unitarian Church’s reason for being.  Please join us January 31 at 10:10 to 10:50 a.m. in the Triple RE Room.  (This is a venue change from the sanctuary, but the purpose remains the same: dialogue with the Board of Trustees’ Mission Task Force as we refine our understanding of our mission.)

So far, the Mission Task Force has facilitated three conversations this month with congregants with much to say about what is uniquely ours to do.  The task force asked congregants to reflect on how our current working statement resonates and what we might be missing.

This past Sunday, we deepened our inquiry to invite congregants to share specific examples of Foothills at its best.  We’ve honed in on the impact Foothills has at the individual level, within our internal church community and in the wider world.

What people have shared is as diverse as our church body.  We’ve heard of pride and meaning in our recent interfaith vigil at the local mosque, profound value in the interfaith effort to house homeless families that is Faith Family Hospitality, the power of SOUUL Circle connections, and the impact of Standing on the Side of Love.  We’ve heard deep callings to embrace diversity, protect our environment, cherish our traditions of freedom of thought, lead in social justice at home and abroad, and act with courage, compassion and love.

Come hear more and be heard at our final session this Sunday.  If you cannot make the session and have ideas or additional input, please email mission@foothillsuu.org.  You also may contact one of the task force members by phone or email:

Karen Harder, 218-3664, karenharder41@gmail.com
Erin Hottenstein, 226-1501, stewarshipgal@gmail.com
Michelle Venus, 218-7951, michelle@michellevenus.com
Larry Watson, 482-8310, lwatson@sc-guru.com
Rich Young, 237-1516, corich@gmail.com

The task force will review input along with our congregational survey results, the provocative proposals from the appreciative inquiry sessions and prior mission statement work as it prepares a recommendation for the Board of Trustees February meeting.  The goal is a mission statement that is memorable, meaningful and moving to guide us all in our work ahead.  Any recommended change will be presented in March for additional congregational input in preparation for a vote at the annual congregational meeting in May.

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