Good News from the Stewardship Team by Kay Williams

Kay WilliamsThe LUUAuction! was a grand success. One of the major yearly fundraisers for Foothills, the auction makes the generosity of our community visible. It is the one church arena where generosity is public and kind of contagious, and that is a good thing! This year the practice of sharing the Special Appeal (which was started last year) was continued. The donations will be split 50/50.  Half will be used for a new speaker system at Foothills, and half will be sent to Homeless Gear for One Village One Family and expenses for a van to support the homelessness initiative. We believe that sharing increases generosity, manifest as an over 50% increase in donations last year and another 30% increase this year to a final total this year of $9,000. This has helped further to perpetuate the culture of abundance that we are growing here at Foothills. Thank you to all who bid generously—our auction profit is $19,426 – plus our portion ($4,500) of the Special Appeal – both about $1,000 more than last year.

The Stewardship Team now oversees all fundraising for the church – including events like the auction, the rummage sale, as well as managing the all-church yearly canvass for pledges.   The annual pledge drive will start in February 2016, but perhaps the end of the year is a good time to re-evaluate your giving – what does Foothills mean to you? We appreciate your maintaining your pledge. An even greater gift to the church would be to arrange for your pledge to be automatically withdrawn from your account every month. This gives the church a steady income, essential to maintaining all of the great programs that make Foothills our beloved community. We don’t receive funds from the UUA – they come from us, the members and friends of Foothills. And monthly withdrawal is easier for you, too! Please call the office to arrange for automatic withdrawal of your pledge.

In this season of giving thanks, we are thankful for the support that you give to your church in so many ways – your volunteer efforts, your monetary contributions, and your good will.

Thank you for your commitment and generosity to our church – Happy Thanksgiving!

Kay Williams, Chair of the Stewardship Team – Karen Johnese – Peg MacMorris – Jim Lathrop – Lynn Young – Nels Broste – Scott Denning – Rev. Howell Lind

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