U + U = We, Guest Post from Board President Jenn Powell

This past Saturday the Board of Trustees and lay leadership met with the Rev. Nancy Bowen, our Lead Interim Minister Rev. Howell Lind and Associate Minister Rev. Gretchen Haley for a start up meeting as we begin our second year of the interim period. During the morning we worked together to create our Ministerial / Lay Leadership Partnership. We looked at where we have been, what was accomplished, and what still needed work. We spoke of the following qualities as what we thought were necessary to have a successful year together:

  • Collaboration
  • Mutual trust & respect
  • Open & direct communication
  • Transparency
  • Humor, comfort, ease & effectiveness, willingness
  • Connection
  • Good Intention
  • Maturity
  • Strategy
  • Balancing the need to be patient & urgent in our work

We talked about the need for us to work with our mission, and have that be the foundation for the church’s work. We talked about being leaders in a time of change as well as leading a change. We broke up into groups to look at different ways we can do our work.

We looked at working together, how we could improve our communication and what practices would help us with each other and the congregation. We looked at what it takes to work well in covenant, as well as working inside of our mission.

Midday we enjoyed a delicious lunch welcoming the members of the Greeley board. In the afternoon, the two boards met together with our ministers and Rev. Nancy Bowen to look at how we would work in partnership.

We were co-creating what would be faithful and helpful in Northern Colorado. We spoke of sharing generosity between the two congregations, faithful expression of our UU values, supporting all kinds of goodness. Knowing that this year is an experiment, we reminded ourselves of what is written in our covenant of Partnership. We ended our day filled with peace, new ideas, collaboration, and yes, a good dose of excitement.

imageThe Boards of Foothills and the UU Church of Greeley

U + U = WE

Read more about our partnership with Greeley


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