A Great Foothills’ Retreat at Buckhorn!

11053670_10102404822837743_5154279513734232499_oThanks to the over 150 members and friends who attended the amazing Foothills Family Retreat at Buckhorn Camp over the Labor Day Weekend – it was a wonderful time of play and conversation, community building and spiritual renewal.  Adding a 3rd day allowed for additional programming, including a second worship service on Monday.  If you missed it this year, we hope to see you next year at Buckhorn!

Thanks to Amy Wimberger for the amazing photos! 

11942142_10102404871215793_2184080994510992817_o 11952697_10102404870801623_2810060390132298044_o 11249097_10102404870497233_3410274158606255679_o 11921800_10102404870222783_7211367752767318982_o 11947762_10102404868895443_3090607086403709336_o 11942089_10102404868571093_3344345765606329818_o 11952745_10102404868406423_1757091995837768639_o 11947892_10102404823152113_6836819821279880819_o  11705479_10102404822228963_3515118948872275239_o 11999790_10102404821530363_3904192957342863454_o (1) 11999790_10102404821530363_3904192957342863454_o 11879059_10102404821280863_3313495690783606247_o 11060854_10102404821076273_4839738959134861607_o 11999592_10102404821026373_3303049085209601982_o

Thanks to Eleanor Van Deusen for these great shots!

11988542_10153874988469156_8895846941668249006_n 11214336_10153874988329156_5190157434437607125_n 11960062_10153874988264156_3126125584057407741_n 12003996_10153874988199156_6768217680772812621_n

11990376_10153461502603277_2021725154808780973_n 11988587_10153461501793277_7623701971768721984_n 11988471_10153461501713277_4458165615198162051_n


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