Linking Inspiration and Generosity by Nate Donovan, Foothills Treasurer

Nate DonovanHello Foothills friends: As we begin another church year, continuing this journey, I reflect on where we’ve been as a community and the bright future we can help shape – together. Our stories can often highlight the inspiration that motivates us to give generously. Below is one from the Donovans, yet first, a few words from your Finance Committee:

Foothills Unitarian closed its books on the 2014-2015 year in good shape due to the generosity of members and friends and careful attention to expenses by staff, ministers and lay leadership. We ended the fiscal year June 30 with a slight deficit of $2733 on income of 669,204 and expenses of 671,937. We will cover this shortfall from reserves, which will then total about 32,000. Pledge income of 571,359 exceeded our budgeted pledge number by about 14,000. Thank you!

When our young family came to Foothills in 2001, our five and eight-year-old sons absolutely loved the RE program, and they got us parents out of bed many a Sunday morning, wanting us all to attend church. We grew to deeply love the people and culture we found and helped shape at Foothills, and we wanted to give back – by serving as RE teachers, on the Board and committees, and giving money and pledges that reflected the inspiration that we received on a daily and weekly basis.

We saw how that money was used inside the church and given to help individuals and groups in the larger community, and we were inspired to give more generously. We’ve made a practice of regular volunteering with Faith Family Hospitality, and over the years Nate has bought way too many good books at the Rummage Sale. I continue to be amazed at the generosity of the people at Foothills, as we grow together and expand our ability to serve each other and more people and causes in fulfilling our Mission. It has all been very meaningful to us, and lots of fun.

These are the stories that inspire me to give part of our personal income, consider gifts of capital and through our wills and estates, and serve as one of your Board members and current Treasurer. As one of the people authorized to sign checks, I see on a regular basis how the church responsibly uses your donations. Through the years serving on the Board in 2005-2006 and later from 2008-2011 as Pres-Elect, President and Past President, I have seen our church operation grow in complexity and size of budget, as more families discover our Sense of Place.

And though we delegate raising and spending of money, and many decisions, to our dedicated volunteers, paid staff and ministers, every dollar and every hour of volunteer time generously given, and gratefully received, still counts as much as it did yesterday, or in 2001, or 1976, or 1960. We are still inspired to work together to translate our values into impacts on lives at Foothills and in the wider community.

We look forward to a bright future filled with many meaningful adventures. Thank you for your generosity, and see you at the Start-Up Festival “Dunk Tank” and around church as we gather together finding “the strength to stand face forward, courage to walk into the dawning day.”

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