Foothills Unitarian Church Members and Friends Become Involved in the One Village One Family (OVOF) Program

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A few short months ago, Foothills decided to initiate collaboration with Homeless Gear’s OVOF program. A total of 29 members volunteered and were trained to become members of five Villages – no other church or civic group has responded to this need with such numbers – what an amazing display of our commitment to provide needed services to our community!
Already, two Families have been placed with our Villages and one of those families has moved into their own home – that is 2 families and 5 children we are already helping. Over the next several months, additional families will gradually be placed with each of our Villages and the Village members will meet with and mentor each of their families over a 6-7 month period.
The long term plan is to develop new Foothills Villages and continue our involvement in the OVOF program on an ongoing basis. This means that we will be recruiting and training new Foothills volunteers on an annual basis. We hope to always have 4 or 5 active Foothills Villages.
How can you help?
Each Village must raise $1500/family to help them with things like security deposits and the first month’s rent. That’s $7500/year for 5 Villages.
• You can help us raise the needed funds by buying a ticket and attending the Beer and Pizza fundraiser at 7:00 pm at Odell’s, Tuesday August 11th. Tickets are on sale in the Social Hall each Sunday after the service. The evening is certain to be a fun-filled affair, complete with entertainment and games for all.
• Perhaps you have some furniture or other household furnishings you no longer need and would like to give away to a homeless family.
• Perhaps you have special skills you might offer pro bono or at reduced price: car repairs, legal services, and more.
• Perhaps you have a rental unit that would be suitable for one of our families.
For more information on how to contribute and become involved in this tremendous outreach opportunity, contact Anne Fisher (

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