Thank you and an Invitation from the Transition Team

The Transition Team would like to thank the over 200 members of Foothills Unitarian Church who participated in the Appreciative Inquiry process over the last several months.  We are so excited to share with you both the full re-cap of our process that began in January, as well as the resulting documents (click for report).  We hope you will take some time reading through this information, especially the Provocative Proposals, which as you’ll read, we will be exploring in numerous ways in the coming months.

The Transition Team would now like to invite as many members as possible to participate in the Mission/Support project we are beginning. This project will involve members of the team facilitating approximately hour-long conversations with many of the over thirty different groups/committees that are an integral part of our church community. We will be talking with you about the mission and focus of your group, how you are supported by the staff, how decisions are made in your group, how leadership and membership in your group are determined, as well other topics your group would like to share that will make this transition time in our church life as valuable as possible. The Transition Team will be contacting group leaders over the next several weeks to set up meeting times. We hope many of you will be able to participate in these important conversations. Please contact me at or at 970-282-3829 with questions.

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