Our New Shared Ministry Position with the UU Church of Greeley

In case you missed our Chalice Lighting on Sunday, we are excited to share that the Selection Committee appointed by the Boards of the UU Church of Greeley and the Foothills Unitarian Church has selected our candidate for our new shared ministry position.  (Here is the email/post with all the background regarding our shared position.)

It was a wonderful announcement offered both at Foothills and at Greeley’s worship services with representatives from both of our congregations sharing simultaneously to both congregations.

Here’s a summary of their announcement….

Hollis Berendt and Bill Gotchey from Greeley and Karen Harder and Rev. Gretchen Haley from Foothills were each appointed to the Selection Committee and had a wonderful experience interviewing 3 strong candidates for our shared position.  After a thorough review, the team selected Diana McLean, who has been most recently serving as the Intern at the UU Church of Boulder.  Diana brings a wealth of congregational experience, and a passion for our faith as a lifelong Unitarian Universalist.  She has a particular call to leading worship, to pastoral care and the partnership across congregations.  And she brings the extra bonus of having just worked with Foothills’ incoming Interim Senior Minister Howell Lind as his intern.  Check out the video and introductory letter from Diana below.


Diana McLean with incoming Interim Senior Minister, Rev. Howell Lind

Diana will start on August 1st as a 3/4 time Assistant Minister for both of our congregations. Initially, her time will be focused on getting up to speed with Greeley, but Foothills can expect to see her around as well over these next few months, as she begins to work with Gretchen and our Membership team to better connect all who come, filling the role that many of us have long thought of as “membership and volunteer coordinator.”  Over the course of the year, we look forward to seeing how all three of our ministers and our two congregations can work together to further the reach of love all across Northern Colorado.   If you are interested in being a part of the team that grows our partnership between Greeley and Foothills, please let Rev. Gretchen Haley know.

Please find below a video from Diana introducing herself to the two congregations, as well as a letter from her with a little more information.

– Rich Young and Jennifer Powell, Board of Trustees for Foothills Unitarian Church

– Karen Harder, Board of Trustees for Foothills and Selection Committee member

– Marcia Free, Board of Trustees for UU Church of Greeley

– Hollis Berendt and Bill Gotchey, Board of Trustees for Greeley and Selection Committee members 

– Rev. Gretchen Haley, Associate Minister and Selection Committee member

Video from Diana McLean

Letter from Diana McLean

Dear members and friends at the UU Church of Greeley and Foothills Unitarian,

I am delighted to be joining the ministerial team that will serve the Unitarian Universalist Church of Greeley and the Foothills Unitarian Church. It’s an exciting time to be serving these two congregations, as we all partner to extend the impact of Unitarian Universalism in Northern Colorado.

Diana with her son Aidan

I’ve been a Unitarian Universalist since childhood, and am passionate about ourfaith and what we have to offer to the wider world. My call to ministry began about 15 years ago, and I answered first by deepening my involvement as a layperson in Unitarian Universalist churches as I moved to various parts of the country. I eventually served as a monthly guest speaker at the North Idaho Unitarian Universalists (a church similar in size to the Greeley church) for a number of years before the move to Colorado. Although I had envisioned ordained ministry as something that would wait until my son was grown, I made the leap and began theology school in 2011. I’ll be finishing up over the next year, and also going before the Ministerial Fellowship Committee of the UUA this fall.

I have been serving as the Ministerial Intern at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder since August 2014, and have been active in the Boulder-Denver Cluster of Congregations in a variety of ways since moving to Colorado in April 2011. In addition to the natural beauty around us here, I believe we are also surrounded by opportunities to share our faith with others hungry for our messages of love and justice.

Diana Benediction in California April 2015Our faith is covenantal, and for me the power of religious experience is found within our communities, in the human connections we make with each other, which also allow us to deepen our individual spirituality in ways we wouldn’t alone. I look forward to making those connections with you, and to sharing a journey of exploration and depth with you.

In gratitude and anticipation,


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