Appreciative Inquiry Update & Next Steps for the Transition

Greetings from you Transition Team.  

Here it is April already: hard to believe we are 10 months past Marc’s retirement, but the time has flown because of how busy we’ve been.
We’d like to begin by expressing our appreciation for the tremendous turnout we received for the Appreciative Inquiry sessions.  Over 300 people participated in numerous groups.  By all accounts the conversations were rich and rewarding, and if the process went no further that in itself would mark a success.  In the March at team led by Tim Pearson read every single response sheet and quantified them in a spreadsheet. By looking at repeating themes, several narratives became apparent.  In April, a new team, this time led by yours truly, will take those themes and develop some Provocative Proposals, aspirational Calls-to-Action that the Board and the Senior Minister Search Committee can use as we move ever closer to our church of tomorrow.  We look forward to sharing those with you.
And Coming Soon…… The next project the Transition Team will embark on revolves around the various ministry teams in the congregation.  We plan to meet with virtually all of the groups who do the work of the church, and through conversations with each group we’ll hear how these teams see their particular mission, how that mission supports the larger mission of the church, and how they practice decision making and leadership succession.  We will neither offer guidance nor advice,we are there to simply listen. The purpose of these conversations is purely to invite these groups to consider how they currently function, and by extension how they might function even better and sustain their worthy efforts for the long haul.  These conversations should be enlightening and enriching, and we look forward to launching this project in May.  Look for us at a meeting near you!
In recognition that our time with Reverend David Keyes will soon be drawing to a close, the Transition Team would be remiss if we did not offer our gratitude for the wise council and deep wisdom he has imparted to us.  The time of transition will continue after he’s gone, but the groundwork we’ve laid together will serve us well in the work still ahead of us.
In Faith,
Lenny Scovel on behalf of the Transition Team

3 thoughts on “Appreciative Inquiry Update & Next Steps for the Transition

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