The Slate for the Ministerial Search Committee is Complete – from the Nominating Committee, Tom Griggs, Steve Sedam, Steve Undy, Dee Wanger, Rebecca Williamson, Chair

On Sunday, March 1, the Nominating Committee will announce the slate for the Ministerial Search Committee. Narrowing down the original 200 names to only 7 has been a challenge and a privilege.

The Nominating Committee with the help of the board and the transition team placed phone calls to every Foothills member – over 600 of us- asking for suggestions for the Ministerial Search Committee. Fifty names gleaned from the 200 names suggested were then called by the Nominating Committee asking about each person’s interest, willingness, and availability to serve. Those fifty names were names that had been suggested by a number of Church members plus names that would represent a broad cross section of the Church as a whole.

Of the 50 people called, a little over 20 said they wished to be considered for the Ministerial Search Committee. A written questionnaire was sent to the remaining candidates requesting input on their
o  level of involvement in Church life,
o  views on current and future ministry,
o  ideas regarding characteristics of Ministerial Search Committee members, and
o  unique qualities s/he could bring to the MSC.

In an effort to be as objective as possible during this part of the process, names and contact information were removed from the returned questionnaires. Four of the 5 members of the Nominating Committee read the responses without knowing who had written them. From the final 19 candidates, the Ministerial Search Committee slate has now been chosen. Our goal has been to identify a balanced slate of committee members who
o are good listeners,
o able to work cooperatively while remaining true to their own principles and opinions,
o understand that they are representing ALL people in the Church and not just their personal interests, their theological orientation or their demographic.
The slate represents a broad range of age and stages of life and includes recent and long-term Church members.

We are eagerly looking forward to presenting you, our congregation, with this talented, thoughtful, intelligent group of people on March 1 with the congregational vote on the slate March 8.


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