Young Adults at Foothills – guest post from Chris Sharp, Young Adult Program Coordinator

This has been an exciting year for me! Being a relatively new part of this church, it has been great to see so many people and ideas come together for a common purpose in this time of transition and exploration. Despite our many backgrounds, beliefs and beginnings, we are all a part of this faith and are renewing our dedication to living life with purpose. For me, I have challenged myself to live a life of action rather than indecision, and also to be present and mindful when it comes to my family. From participating in our growing young adult program to learning to parent with purpose during the Small Group for Parents, I have been blessed with opportunities to discover my own worthiness.

Speaking of our growing young adult program, I’m excited about the impending launch of our new campus ministry initiative! Later this month, thanks to the efforts of our new CSU student organization officers Kelly Conner and Rosalina Lunsford, we will be hosting a kick-off event on campus to connect with other students and share the love and community of our UU faith. There are many students seeking a faith that aligns with their values, and I believe that connecting with these individuals is an important part of serving our community. Are you interested in supporting our new campus ministry? We are gathering a team of volunteers to help out in many ways: from carpooling to Sunday services, to helping create care packages for students during finals, and perhaps even for providing a welcoming home for students that are far from family during the holidays. Please email me at or Kelly and Rosalina at if you would like to offer your time or talent.

Thank you for your loving ways, Chris

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