Moving Forward with the Ministerial Search Committee Selection

Guest post from Rebecca Williamson – Nominating Committee Chair

“Hi. I’m calling on behalf of the Nominating Committee at Foothills Unitarian Church. We are polling all church members to get their recommendations regarding the names of people who would serve the church well as members of the Ministerial Search Committee.” And, so it went for eight days, with 20 people calling over 580 Foothills Unitarian Church members for their recommendations for the Ministerial Search Committee slate.   At the end of the calling period, there were over 200 names suggested by Foothills members – an impressive number that speaks to the many respected, trusted and conscientious individuals in our beloved community.

The Nominating Committee met on February 3 to begin the task of putting together the slate of Ministerial Search Committee members. Our overall goal is to create a balanced committee. Qualities and characteristics being considered for a Ministerial Search Committee member include:

  • the ability to be a team player who will work well in collaboration with others while being able to gather information and independently form his/her own ideas and opinions;
  • the ability to take a broader view of church interests, including those reflected by the wide range of Foothills congregants- including but not limited to: cultural diversity, gender and gender identity, theological diversity, interests and concerns of varying ages and stages of life, socio-economic diversity, wide political perspective;
  • the ability to represent the priorities of the whole church rather than focus on a personal agenda.

We will continue to refine the list of candidates during the next week by focusing on their willingness and availability to serve on the Ministerial Search Committee.

The Ministerial Search Committee slate will be presented to the congregation on March 1 with an opportunity for comments and questions. On March 8 the slate will be brought to a congregational vote.

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