Looking ahead together…

Last Sunday a group gathered to talk about plans for the upcoming church year. Over lunch and a lit chalice, we shared in conversation and brainstorming about how to build on the traditions of the past as we look forward to our future.

We are excited to share with you the dates and basic plans for the start up of the new year, and hope you’ll mark your calendars with all these dates and plan to support these programs with your service and your presence.

  •  June 14th – Sunday service schedule begins with one service at 9:30 – continues in the Sanctuary every Sunday until September 13th
  • August 12th– August 16th – Rummage Sale (set up Aug 2nd-11th) – These earlier dates allow teachers and youth to more fully participate in this important event, and ensures plenty of time to clean up and reset before the start up of fall programs.
  • August 30th – Start-Up Breakfast at Foothills after worship service – the timing of the Rummage Sale this year will mean we can have the start-up breakfast at our own beautiful site, ensuring greater participation from our worship community, count on bouncy houses easy access and fun for all!
  • September 5th – 7th – Buckhorn Family Retreat – moving the Retreat to Labor Day weekend will allow for the additional night that many people have been asking for!
  • September 13th – Ingathering Service, we return to two services at 9 and 11 a.m. and official kick-off of programs for children and youth.

Congregational life has changed a lot over the past couple of decades; Unitarian Universalist churches no longer “shut down” over the summer.  We are excited to be able to better fulfill our mission through year round Sunday services and programming.

Lots more details to follow! In the meantime, we look forward to finishing up the second half of this church year with enriching programs and meaningful opportunities, and we are grateful to walk together on this journey.

In partnership,

Rev. Gretchen Haley, Associate Minister

Eleanor Van Deusen, Director of Religious Exploration, Buckhorn Retreat Coordinator

Carolyn Myers, Church Administrator

Jennifer Powell, President-Elect on behalf of the Board of Trustees

Cherry Sokoloski, Pam Stevens and Kay Hood on behalf of the Rummage Sale Team


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