MInisterial Search Timeline

This past Sunday, Rev. Nancy Bowen joined us to lay out the timeline for our coming ministerial search.  For those of you who couldn’t make it to that meeting, for those of you who weren’t sitting close enough to read the timeline projected on the screen, and for those of you not blessed with perfect photographic memories, here is the timeline for our search process.

I’d like to add a few details about the process that we mentioned Sunday but didn’t have space for in the timeline document.

  • First, that the upcoming Appreciative Inquiry opportunities are, in a way, part of the search process.  Ministerial search is tightly interwoven with congregational identity – as Nancy said, we are not simply looking for the most qualified candidate, we’re looking for the best fit for our congregation. Appreciative Inquiry is an exploration of what makes this church special, and the lessons we glean from that process should inform our search.
  • At the recommendation of Rev. Keyes, we will be calling every member of our congregation to talk about the qualities we look for in a search team, and who you feel embodies those qualities.  These calls are intended to maximize the involvement of the congregation in this process, so that we end up with a Ministerial Search Committee we know and trust.
  • The Nominating Committee will then propose a search committee slate in consideration of that broad congregational input, and the congregation will vote on whether to accept the proposed committee members at a special congregational meeting to be held in early March.

The rest of the process is outlined in the timeline above.  Feel free to ask a Board, Nominating Committee or Transition Team member if you have any specific questions I haven’t covered.