Appreciative Inquiry at Foothills

Guest post from Joan Woodbury, Transition Team Member

Tell your story, dream your dream.

As our congregation transitions from one successful ministry to the next, we are taking the time to celebrate our past and appreciate our present before we turn towards the future.   In November and December we had an opportunity to become more familiar with the church’s history, to hear personal remembrances about the past from our own members and to be a part of our collective timeline. In January and February we turn our attention to the present with Appreciative Inquiry.

As described on the UUA website, Appreciative Inquiry uses positive questions and interviews to focus on how a church functions at its best. It is the cooperative search for what is best in our church. During the process, we use specific questions to discuss our own experiences and to generate hopes and dreams for the future.

The process begins with one-on-one interviews with each other in the presence of facilitators. We then come together in larger groups to continue the conversations and learn from each other. The information we gather will help us with another step in the search process – information for the search committee about what we all value and what we want for our church in the years to come.

This is an important step in this interim period and the more people who participate the more meaningful it will be.
Please join us!

There are currently six (6) sessions scheduled and you need only attend one session:

Wednesday, January 21st – 5:30 to 7pm (before Choir practice)
Sunday, January 25th – 12:30 to 2 (after second service)
Saturday, January 31st – 9 to 11:30
Tuesday, February 3rd – 6:00 pm
Thursday, February 12th – 2 to 4pm
Friday, February 13th – 6:00 pm (during Fab Family Friday)

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