Why make church a priority for your family? – Eleanor VanDeusen, Director of Religious Education

So it’s Sunday morning and the alarm goes off and you hit snooze once, twice, then you turn it off. You finally drag yourself out of bed and you go in to wake up the kids. You are greeted with lots of whining, “do we have to go to church?” As tempting as it is to blow it off, go out for bacon and waffles or just sleep that extra hour, I would like to invite you to do something completely countercultural and bring your family to church on most Sundays. Recent studies say that only 17.5% of Americans attend church regularly. So why should you bother be in that small percentage of folks that attend regularly?

Church offers us a few hours a week to come together and practice being human. Church sets aside an intentional time to unplug and call to mind the things that we value most, to hear stories of people and ideas that inspire and challenge us. Church offers a chance to quiet our minds and bodies in a moment of prayer or meditation and feel the peace of stillness and our connection to something larger than ourselves. And our liberal religious tradition offers the unique chance to work out the messy business of being together in a place where many different ideas and beliefs co-exist. Church reminds us that our lives matter and together, we can make a difference. I believe that having our kids attend our religious exploration programs is a gift we can give them that will sustain them throughout their lives. I see this gift manifest in my own young adult children and the young adults I know who grew up in UU congregations.

So when the alarm goes off on Sunday morning, do something counter culture. Get out of bed and come to church. The rewards will be many, your life will be richer, and you can still go out for bacon and waffles after church with friends!

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