Tell Us Your Story, From Interim Senior Minister, David Keyes

Rev. Haley and I sometimes meet at Everyday Joe’s in Old Town, a coffee shop operated by the evangelical Timberline Church.

Whatever you might think of their theology, there can be little doubt that the volunteers at Joe’s make a mean latte, and that the church serves the campus and community in many constructive ways.

On a visit to Joe’s the other day, I picked up a flyer inviting all to “Tell us your story.” The text seems a little like it could have been written for Foothills Unitarian:

“[We] are changing. We can feel it in the air.

We might stay where we are. We might need to rethink what it means to be a benefit & service to our community.

What does the neighborhood need?

What does it all look like?

Only the Good One knows, but it will probably blow all our minds when we see it.

Tell us your story about this place. Stories remind us of where we’ve been, They’re the topography of who we have become.

They are clues to where we are going….Tell us yours.”

If I didn’t know better, I might suppose that Timberline had borrowed a piece of the message of Foothills’ Transition Team. They, too, are asking folks to dream dreams and tell stories–all toward a tomorrow when your church serves members and the community in creative new ways. You’ll be hearing more about that soon for the Transition Team, and from special guest Rob Eller-Isaacs, one of our movement’s most effective and experienced leaders, who will be in the pulpit on December 7.

I look forward to hearing from you about the “topography of who you have become.”




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