A Trinity For Our Time – From Interim Senior Minister, Rev. David Keyes

It is a joy to be a part of the powerful force for good in Northern Colorado that is Foothills Unitarian Church.
As the new kid on the block, I am well aware that I have much to learn, and that I am fortunate to have you as my teachers. In gratitude, the least I can do is to offer you a simple formula for living a life of meaning and purpose. (The formula is simple; living it out is not.)
  1. First, feed your soul with a daily spiritual practice. Yoga or meditation, journaling or prayer–there are plenty to choose from. I’m glad that so many of you were able to be with me for the Living by Heart Retreat on October 18 to experience some possibilities.  Be sure to check out the Spiritual Practice section of our website for some of our offerings.
  2.  Second, feed yourself and others by participating in a SOUUL Circle. In this small group, you will be deeply known and loved. You will know the satisfaction of belonging and the pleasure of a safe place where your journey will be shared.  We are now reserving spaces for our next round of SOUUL Circles that will begin in January.  You can choose either a Sunday afternoon or Tuesday evening series.  Sign up in the social hall on Sunday morning.
  3.  Third, hold worship as a vital discipline. The church will count for little in the world unless its people count it as essential to their lives. While I do not yet know all of you, in a sense, I do know whether or not you are with me on Sunday morning.  Your presence affirms me, and ever so many others. Your presence prepares you for the week ahead, and for the years ahead.
 That’s it. Three things. Not always easy. Sometimes difficult preparation for living in a sometimes difficult world–a world that needs your service in ways great and small.  If you would truly work for love and justice, start with these three things.

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