A Team for the Transition – guest post by Lenny Scovel

20141002_191734A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step ~ Chinese Proverb

Our church community finds itself in the midst of change and transition, which holds both uncertainty and opportunity.  It is a time to remember our past, and a time to envision a bright and promising future.  A smooth transition will not happen accidentally, nor without deep listening and discernment.  To that end a Transition Team has been called to begin this process.  The Team, under the wisdom and encouragement of Reverends David Keyes and Gretchen Haley, consists of Anne Hall, Bob Bacon, Jennifer Iole, Lenny Scovel, and Joan Woodbury.  We gathered on October 2nd to begin our conversation and planning for inviting our entire congregation – all of whom are stakeholders in our future – into the opportunities of this transition time.  In the coming months we will create the space for each and all to share their stories, to be deeply heard and held.  We will celebrate the legacy of past ministries, and consider where we are right now, and how best to move onward from here.  Look for more information in an upcoming Sunday worship service, as well as in this blog.

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