Deep in a Friendly Forest


Rev. David Keyes, Interim Senior Minister

It is said of the Bambuti tribe of west Africa that in times of change – whether it is a change of leaders, of weather, or whatever – they leave their village and go deep into the rain forest. There they remain until they are ready to face a changed world. When they return to their village, they sing “It was all work! It was all play!”
So may it be for you. As the congregation faces change, please come with me into an inviting forest. There we will work and play, embracing change, struggling with new ideas, and discerning whether traditions are best kept, polished up, or left behind. I’m quite excited about working and playing with you, and glad to be starting an adventure in a part of the country where I have seldom been before.
From all I have learned, Fort Collins must be one of the best places to live on earth. I feel so fortunate to be coming there, and to be near great colleagues in area Unitarian churches, most especially the Rev. Gretchen Haley, who has been generous with her time and wisdom. Eleanor VanDeusen, Carolyn Myers, Ryan Marvel, and the rest of the staff have been extremely helpful and welcoming. Likewise your Board, whose members have impressed me, even from afar, with their openness to new ideas.
I’m so hopeful that we can all work together, as if deep in a friendly forest – a place where we will work hard, stay playful, and emerge singing a delightful new song.

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